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We operate a team of licensed experts who specialize in demolition, abatement, and remediation.

David Evans


David is the founder of Target Contractors, LLC, and is the designated technical expert who holds all contractor licensing. He has served as Operations Director and Project Manager for numerous demolition projects in commercial, residential, and industrial settings. With more than 16 years of experience, he has managed hazardous and non-hazardous materials, related environmental remediation work, and site demolition. David has managed project personnel specializing in project operations, extensive demolition tactics, asset recovery, and dismantlement.

Currently, David works consistently with customers and local authorities, and regulatory agencies regarding compliance issues specific to ongoing demolition projects, waste disposal efforts, and asset management. His knowledge and ability to manage operations, personnel, and equipment have had a tremendously positive effect on the success of Target Contractors, LLC.

David’s licenses and certifications include:

SC General Contractors License
UT Contractor License
AR Contractor License
NC Contractor License
TN Contractor License
South Carolina Asbestos Supervisor
Georgia Asbestos Supervisor
40 Hour OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120, 12/91
8 Hour OSHA Annual Refresher
10-Hour OSHA Supervisor Training
30-Hours OSHA Operator Training
40-Hour HAZWOPER Training
CPR/First Aid Training
Field Sampling Training
Bloodborne Pathogen Training
Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Training
ISNetWorld Registered Contractor
Mid-Atlantic Safety Council BOP
Avetta Registered Contractor

Austin Hays

Vice President of Operations

With over ten years of experience in the field of demolition, Austin is responsible for client management, management of operations, and operation strategy. He successfully develops corporate policies and procedures, assisting in establishing and achieving corporate goals in safety, profitability, and business growth. Additionally, Austin is responsible for growing and maintaining client relationships, maintaining the corporate marketing structure, and reviewing work plans and client deliverables to minimize risks for our clients.

Austin is also an estimator for the Target Contractors, LLC. Austin calculates a final figure for the estimated cost based on production rates and salvage markets to provide the most accurate pricing.

Austin’s licenses and certifications include:

OSHA 10 Hour Construction
OSHA 30 Hour Construction
40 Hour Hazwoper
AHERA Asbestos Supervisor Initial Training
CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

Kerry Nazario

Health & Safety Director

Kerry is experienced in hazard assessment, mitigating actions, and managing various demolition teams and projects. He successfully creates effective communication between personnel, general contractors, and all members of the management team.

With over ten years of experience, Mr. Nazario started in the environmental field, complying with OSHA, EPA, and state and local regulations. Continuing his education in the safety field, he began performing training and educating personnel on the demolition process’s quality standards. He assigns projects and tasks to employees based on their competencies and specialties, all while following through with the project plans by providing proper tools and equipment to all personnel.

Kerry also conducts site safety audits based on OSHA and NFPA regulations and selects and enforces site PPE based on ANSI requirements. He ensures proper waste profiling and assists in appropriate packaging, storage, and routing hazardous and non-hazardous wastes encountered on site. For any on-site incidents, Kerry reviews any first aid or accidents while assisting site personnel with proper accident investigation protocols. He also oversees the medical surveillance program and ensures all sites have an emergency action plan.

Kerry’s licenses and certifications include:

OSHA 500 Trainer
OSHA 510 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Construction
OSHA 30 Hour Construction
OSHA 10 Hour Construction
OSHA 2015 Hazardous Materials
OSHA 3115 Fall Protection
Qualified Rigger Preparation Training
Qualified Crane Signal Person
RCRA Hazardous Waste Training
NORM RSO/Surveyor/Transportation certified
CPR/AED/First Aid Certified
EPA Asbestos Supervisor, Currently Licensed in NC and SC
Forklift Certified
40 Hour Hazwoper
8 Hour Hazwoper Annual Refresher
Loss Prevention System Core Trainer
NDA Foundations of Demolition Project Management Course

Kristen Evans

Compensation Coordinator

Kristen has over three decades in the payroll compensation field, ensuring timesheets and payroll are processed in a timely manner, and employees are properly compensated. Her work in the field also requires answering employee questions and ensuring the satisfaction of our team here at Target Contractors, LLC. Her full-time duties also include being a life coach and head cheerleader to her husband and our President David Evans.

Kristen comes from a background in the health and medical field but changed gears to join her husband and founder, David, in his vision of starting Target Contractors 15 years ago. Kristen enjoys gathering with family and grandchildren. Most days, you can find her in the kitchen, whipping up something to share. She also enjoys working out, being crafty and creative.

Debbi Marshall

Corporate Services Manager & Controller

Debbi is the Controller and Corporate Services Manager at Target Contractors. With over 20 years of experience, she is responsible for all accounting-related activities, such as financial accounting, cost accounting, taxes, and data processing. Debbi leads all aspects of contract administration, analyzes contract terms, performs comprehensive contractual reviews, evaluations, recommends contract actions, directs work on government and private contracts, and provides subcontracts with the CPRS and FAR requirements. While contracting new businesses and cultivating relationships of trust and confidence with clients, Debbi’s expertise enables her to mediate, negotiate, and resolve contract and service issues when needed.

Her efficiency in corporate administration activities includes; preparation, processing, and maintaining vendor purchase orders and certificate of insurance compliance for subcontractors and vendors.

With a degree in Business Administration and Management from Ball State University, Debbi successfully regulates all office functions, including AR, AP, human resources, travel, software, licensing, executed work plans, and bid preparation. She implements technical expertise and guidance on compliance with FAR, program staffing, proposal pricing, and federal agency reporting requirement job documents.

Debbi’s licenses and certifications include:

OSHA 10 Hour Construction
South Carolina Asbestos Supervisor
Florida Certified General Contractor License
Certified Hazardous Material Manager (In process)

Larry Willey

Business Development

Larry identifies and sources demolition opportunities for the company. He has secured transactions by using his network throughout the real estate industry by proposing property owners and their representatives in the early decision process. His success comes from his ability to assemble and analyze relevant data and connect the dots in the business development arena.

With a broad range of previous business experiences such as insurance and real estate, he assists Target Contractors, LLC in gathering pre-bid data, negotiating transactions, writing proposals, administering contracts, and pursuing all real estate opportunities. His perseverance is a well-suited fit for the company and has led to Target Contractors, LLC being awarded projects that did not appear to win in the initial round of bidding.

Larry’s degrees, licenses, and certifications include:

BBA from the University of Georgia
MBA & MHA from Georgia State University
Certified Commercial-Investment Member (CCIM)
Licensed Real Estate Broker – South Carolina
Licensed Real Estate Broker – North Carolina
Licensed Real Estate Broker – Georgia
Licensed Real Estate Broker – Florida

Dec Walsh

Financial Accountant

Dec is responsible for the financial records, including the preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual statements and budgets. Dec brings 25+ years of experience (the majority at Big 4 and Fortune 500) in Financial Accounting and Taxation to Target Contractors, LLC.

Dec’s responsibilities include ensuring the economic stability of Target Contractors, LLC, and providing financial information to departments within the company, allowing them to make the budget and investment decisions necessary to complete their work.

Chris Ramey

Project Manager

Chris brings more than 15 years of experience managing hazardous and non-hazardous materials, related work, and site demolition, specializing in marine and land-based work. In addition to project coordination, project supervision, industrial services oversight, and general daily operations for assorted projects, Chris supervises project personnel specializing in project operations, extensive demolition tactics, and qualified demolition personnel.

Chris consistently works with customers and local authorities regarding compliance issues specific to ongoing demolition projects and waste disposal efforts. He also deals regularly with the private sector and client relations. Chris’s knowledge and ability to manage operations, personnel, and equipment have had an exceedingly positive effect on the success of Target Contractors, LLC.

Chris’s licenses and certifications include:

OSHA 30 Hour Construction
OSHA 10 Hour Construction
CPR/AED/First Aid Certified
EPA Asbestos Supervisor, Currently Licensed in NC and SC
Forklift Certified
40 Hour Hazwoper
8 Hour Hazwoper Annual Refresher
24 Hour Emergency Oil Spill Response

Chelsea Hays

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Chelsea took her passion for driving communications and events in early childhood education and both obtained a BS in Communication and built a career in marketing coordination. Chelsea assists with a variety of initiatives within Target Contractors, LLC, including coordinating and marketing community events, designing and executing email, digital, and social media campaigns, and ensuring our content strategy captures our customers’ attention.

Chelsea enjoys spending time with her husband, Austin, and their baby girl Emmie, along with their fur babies, Zachary Binx & Noodles.

Chelsea’s degrees and certifications include:

BS in Communications from College of Charleston
Certificate of Achievement Completed 103 hour of professional development
CPR/ First Aid certified

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