Asset Recovery Projects

We specialize in asset recovery projects that offer high returns for our customers.

Former Davis Energy Power Plant Asset Recovery and Demolition

Layton, UT

The scope of salvage and demolition services performed on this project included securing the site from the effective date to the end of salvage and demolition services.

Marketing for salvage and reuse of process equipment, parts, and recyclable materials was done through a reputable auction firm. Work was performed to maximize the recovery of equipment and materials for reuse or sale.

We performed the demolition and removal of the DERF, pump house, and water tanks. Additionally, we were responsible for preparation and submission of applications and permits necessary to perform the salvage work and demolition, as well as project management, and documentation and certification of the completed project.

Georgia-Pacific Tissue Mill and Pulp Mill

Augusta, GA

This project was an asset recovery effort and demolition of the remaining facilities. Assets were staged in areas to protect them from loss until sale. Once an area was clear of assets, it was demolished.

Target worked closely with the Owner and auction company to assure that recovery efforts were maximized. Asbestos was abated, universal wastes collected, and refrigerant recovered prior to starting demolition. Building components were sorted and recycled with any proceeds adding to the asset recovery.

Over 100,000 square feet of buildings and structures were removed and demolished within three months.