Tropicana Tank Farm (Bradenton, FL)

Selective demolition and dismantlement. Managed stainless steel recovery. Partial plant decomissioning.

Pepsi Plant


Pepsi Plant (Florence, SC)

Asbestos abatement and demolition prior to retail redevelopment.

Stevens Steam Plant


Stevens Steam Plant (Graniteville, SC)

Abated in excess of 6,500 linear feet of elevated steam pipe. Complete demolition of the Stevens Steam Plant which powered the Avondale Mills. Removal of six tanks, two coal silos, one ash silo and two 394,800 gallon fuel tanks.

Agrium Plant


Agrium Plant (Wilmington, NC)

Project included selective demolition of all fertilizer plant equipment, along with the roof penthouses. Project detailed rigging and shearing of equipment while maintaining the integrity of structure. We were able to complete this job one month prior to our projected completion date.

Kinder Morgan


Kinder Morgan (Charleston, SC)

Pipe removal over water.

SC Port Authority


SC Port Authority (Charleston, SC)

Saw cutting and joint sealant. Demolition of 6,500 square yards of concrete 17'' thick. Loading and hauling.


Georgia Port Authority 

Georgia Port Authority (Savannah, GA) 

Completed November 2018

This project was on the Georgia Port Authority property which required all workers to have TWIC cards for access. This port is the busiest port on the east coast with thousands of trucks per hour entering and exiting the area.


All trucks used for materials, equipment and disposal had to be scheduled and escorted.


The removal of the complex left the property exposed to the canal with no security fencing. Target was required to leave a partial wall in place until the end of the project and work with Port Police and fencing subcontractor to ensure 100% security to the site.

The work area was also partially over the water so Target had

to take care with equipment and demolition debris to ensure no environmental impact.


Personnel wore PFD while working near the water. Tides were monitored to ensure spoils piles were removed before high tide.

The project was completed on time with no safety incidents.

Jasper Cultural Center

Jasper Cultural Center (Jasper, IN)

Completed November 2018

This project that consists of abatement and demolition of the former Hoosier Desk facility in Jasper Indiana. Care was taken to remove items such as doors and beams to be used in the new Jasper Cultural Center which will be built on the same site.


The just under 75,000 square feet facility was demolished by conventional means and over 6,000 tons of brick and concrete were sent to a local recycler for reuse.


The project was completed on time with no safety incidents.

Demolition in Charleston, SC